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The TechCare Project


Welcome to our Tech Care website!


TechCare – Training on the adaptability of assisted living technologies in home and community care is a three year project funded by the European commission and was developed by 5 partners from our countries (Belgium, Greece, Germany and Spain).
On this website, you can find information about all partner organizations as well as the background, objectives, value and outputs of the TechCare project.

We are also glad to present the main results of our 3 year project duration, namely the TechCare e-learling platform. We created six modules to help you adapt assisted living in technologies in your care environment and reflect on ethical and practical aspects. Our e-learning platform is developed in Moodle and the training course is translated in all project country languages and even more: English, French, German, Greek and Spanish; so select the proper language before getting started.

To get to the TechCare Moodle platform you just have to follow this link

To help you with the registration and for you to get a first impression we created a short video to guide you through the process from the beginning (Login) to the logout. To watch the video you can have a look right under the text or follow this link:

Enjoy your visit on our e-learning platform and we hope that it helps to implement and reflect the use of Technology in your care giving!


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