Scenarios on Assisted Living Technologies and care giving practices: an extract

The TechCare team in the process of developing a Moodle, that is, an online teaching course formed of six modules. Online teaching, a method that has dramatically come to the spotlight in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, is used by TechCare to stimulate a discussion amongst carers about an important aspect of care giving in times of rapid technological advance.

The Main aim of the online course is to support caregivers in solving a problem or an issue of ethical nature, that is, where the best interest of the care recipient is at stake, that comes up issue during the caregiving practice because of the use of a piece of technology for assisted living (or Assisted Living Technologies). Addressees of this course are formal caregivers at an institution, formal caregivers at home, and informal caregivers at home.

The course has 6 modules. While the content differs, the structure of the modules is similar. Each module begins with a “challenge”, which is sketched out with the aid of a scenario. For instance, the scenario of the first module illustrates a real life situation where a caregiver comes up with the following problem: ” How can I iIdentify the needs of and with the frail older person?”; the scenario of the second module illustrates a real life situation where a caregiver asks “ where and how can I find information about the ALT than can help me to meet the needs of the frail and olderl person?”, and so on. You can read the scenario (Challenge) or click on a link to youtube video where the scenario is read out with the aid of graphics.

This document includes the scenarios presented in each Module in written form only. By reading these scenarios caregivers may recognise questions and problems that they have asked themselves in the past. If this is the case, let us know and join us. The input of caregivers is essential to develop a robust online course, that can help anticipate and possibly avoid the risks while contributing to the development of the technologies for the caring we want for ourselves and our fellow relatives, friends and citizens.

The document with the scenarios is available here:

TechCare_Scenarios on ALTS and care giving practices_an extract_v1

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