Six modules to train carers in ALTs and ethics in care practice

During the last months, the consortium has worked on developing six educational “modules”  designed to train carers to recognise and discuss ethical issues that may arise when they use ALTs, with the view of helping them to select the adequate technological solution and functionalities.

The six modules, which are currently in written form, will be – in the next weeks – translated into “Moodles”, that is, online courses.

Module 1 : How can I identify the needs of the frail older person?

Module 2: What are the ethical issues that emerge from the use and presence of Assisted Living Technologies (ALTs) ?

Module 3: Search and find available information about ALT

Module 4: What is the best solution to meet the needs of a specific frail older person?

Module 5: How should I introduce an ALT solution and with which care receivers?

Module 6: The ALT solution that I chose, was it useful and worthy?

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