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We haven’t contacted you for a long time. Under the constraining circumstances wrought by the COVID-19  pandemic, we have tried to continue working on our TechCare project. Perhaps you wanted to know what’s going on ? Please bear with us a few moments as we introduce you to the TechCare Online Event:



Our TechCare Online Event – Training on the adaptability of Assisted Living Technologies in home and community care – will take place on July 16, 2020 from 10:00 to 11:45 a.m.  Since the event cannot take place face-to-face due to the COVID-19 situation, we have organized it “online.”  The seminar will be a forum to advance the discussion and knowledge about care practices, technology, and the concerns over surveillance, respect of privacy, support of autonomy, seen from the perspective of those involved in care giving.

In our in age of technological advance, technical assistance systems, such as GPS tracking or sensors for fall detection, are increasingly influencing our everyday life and also care tasks. Technical assistance systems or Assisted lIving technologies (ALTs) are technical aids powered by information and communication technologies (ICT) which are developed to support people in need of care (including “care level 0”) in home environments. Electronics and microsystem technology, software technology and data and knowledge processing as well as communication technologies and networks offer indeed many  advantages, but they also create new problems and challenges that affect the daily, familiar, delicate practices of providing care.

In order to promote a responsible and informed use of technical assistance systems, the TechCare project has developed an online course, called “Moodle.” During the online training seminar we will introduce both the TechCare Moodle and the themes  discussed in it to the attendees of the event.

Concretely, during the TechCare Online Event , a few discussion groups will be formed around themes related to technical assistance systems as well as to the ethical and social issues they raise. The discussion groups have been formed taking into account the  interests, expectations and wishes of carers as they have been conveyed to us via an ad hoc online questionnaire that we recently circulated among our contacts.

The aim of the discussion groups to develop an “online learning activity”, targeting technical assistance systems and the impacts or influences they have in care practices.  In particular, the goal of the online training is to invite carers to reflect and make explicit any problems or reservations towards technologies, to discuss  when technology systems could offer valid opportunities, or what conditions or controls should be in place when technical assistance systems are used.

The schedule for the event is already set and we are looking forward to the discussion with participants !


For further information and to register please send an email to:

Dankbar, Ruth



We will tell you about it soon.


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